The €2 special coin 2011, "Finlands Bank 200 Years" proof

A token of Finnish ethos for you and your friend. The glassy proof coin, packaged in a display case, is an elegant expression of the Finnish ethos around the world – unsurprisingly, since it portrays the Finnish swan.

The 2011 two euro special coin commemorates the Bank of Finland's 200th anniversary. The Finnish nation achieved a landmark success in 1811 when the Bank of Finland was founded. A national bank gave Finland a much needed support in its push for independence.

Artist Hannu Veijalainen has captured the essence of the event by choosing the Finnish swan, the national bird of Finland, as the coin's motif. For centuries the swan has stood for what it means to be a Finn.

The distinctive nature of commemorative euros is based on their national side

The Eurozone member states are permitted to release one €2 commemorative coin every year. The national side of the coin differentiates the commemorative coin from other coins released each year.

The reverse side of the commemorative coin is the same as that of ordinary circulation coins. The commemorative euro coins are legal tender in all countries using the euro.

Nominal value2 €
MetalCuNi25, CuZn20Ni5/Ni/CuZn20Ni5
Diameter25,75 mm
Weight8,5 g
Year stamp2011
Mintage25 000
DesignerHannu Veijalainen
Issue date30.9.2011

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