Coinage 2013 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

The memories of the present year now in one folder. Order the ice-hockey world championships coin set from Mint of Finland online outlet store to keep it as a memory or to give it for someone as a present.

The Mint of Finland is celebrating the 2013 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship with a new coinage, which includes not only the circulation coins of the tournament year, 2013, but the very own commemorative coin of ice hockey fans as well.

Finland and Sweden, the neighbours who love to hate each other, co-hosted the Ice Hockey World Championships in 2012 and will do so again in 2013. This year, the main stage for the tournament will be Sweden from the semi finals on, since the final series was played in Finland last year. In response to the wishes of our customers, the coinage being released will include the popular ice hockey fiver in addition to the circulation coins of 2013! This commemorative coin in celebration of ice hockey was released at the inauguration of the shared tournaments in 2012. The new coinage includes the circulation coins of the tournament year 2013 in brilliant uncirculated, matte finish, as well as an uncirculated-quality 2012 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship commemorative coin.

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Did you miss out on last year's coin series? Mint of Finland collected the year's circulation coins into an ice hockey-themed coinage in 2012 as well. Now, you will get the 2012 Angry Birds-themed ice hockey coinage at half price when purchased together with the 2013 coinage. So now is the time to complete your collection in honour of the home tournament!

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