Mint of Finland is one of the leading minting experts. With its activities the company wants to ensure that money will have a future, both as a means of payment and as a gift and a collector's item. 

Collector coins

A total of over 60 different collector coins have been issued in Finland. Each coin is minted to celebrate events and people of great significance in Finnish history. The Mint of Finland works side by side with some of the most renowed artists in designing the collector coins and as acknowledgement for this, the company has been rewarded six times in the distinguished international Coin of the Year competition.

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Circulation coins

Euro was officially introduced on 1 January 1999, and several banks and companies immediately adopted it as their preferred currency in business transactions. The Mint of Finland mints all Finnish metallic circulation coins and is a strong contender for other countries in the EMU region.

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Your punch, please!

In addition to the punch, the image contains a mould and some stamps, but which is which? Improve your numismatic vocabulary and solve the mysteries of exonumia by taking a look at numismatic vocabulary