From favours to service

The Mint of Finland is at your service. We take account of the effects our operations have on our customers and other stakeholder groups. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to create added value for our customers through decreased costs, increased sales and the freeing of capital.

We want to know our customers to the last detail and help them with all challenges related to metal coinage.

Services a coin's entire life span

Through consultation, training and diverse projects, we serve our customers in matters related to every stage of a coin's life span, from planning, introduction and cash service to recycling and demonetisation. In addition to creating added value, the Mint of Finland also offers strategic purchasing services to its customers. For example, we can help customers find tailored and cost-effective packaging solutions for their products.

The Mint of Finland also brokers devices such as coin identification equipment to central banks.

We make our expertise available to customers in a cost-effective manner tailored to each customer's particular requirements. 

If we captured your interest, please contact our sales team.

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Mint of Finland's Sourcing Manager Jarno Partanen. Mint of Finland provides its customers the benefits of strategic sourcing.