Mint of Finland factory outlet store

Come visit the factory outlet store. Everything available through the online shop can also be purchased from the factory outlet store. You can also make more finds in the outlet!

The factory outlet store sells the last remaining collector coins and other products that are sold out in the online shop. Welcome to the factory outlet store to purchase gifts or to complete your own collection!

The majority of Mint of Finland's customers do their shopping in the online shop, so only two factory outlet store dates are planned for next year: 8 May 2017 and 4 December 2017.

Come find some great gifts or additions to your own collection!

Visit the Mint

The minting of Finnish metal coins has intrigued people of all ages for a long time. With the opening of the factory outlet store, the staff of Mint of Finland is now pleased to be able to invite everyone fascinated by metal coins for a visit to the Mint.

The factory outlet store features changing offers and benefits, which you will be the first to hear about if you join the friends of Mint of Finland.

Please note that you will need to prove your identity to gain access to Mint of Finland's premises. So don't forget to bring photo ID.

The factory of Mint of Finland is located in Viinikkala, at the address Suokallionkuja 4, 01741 Vantaa.  






Outlet store is open: 

8 May 2017

4 Dec 2017


Please note that there is no Tax Free sale in factory outlet store.