Gift ideas

Each celebration is worth remembering and each Finn deserves his or her own collector coin. Give a new and surprising gift. Something that has meaning. Something that has value.

Finnish collector coins are only minted for a good reason. They will tell the story of the moment they were minted for hundreds of years to come. Give a collector coin – it has a true meaning. 

A personalised coin series will put a smile on anyone's face

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A gift with value

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Your home country's fivers


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A two-euro piece is a great gift for anyone

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The stories behind the gifts

A retired lady from Espoo bought the Congratulations to a New High School Graduate coin set: ”What a handy gift for graduation! And the recipient will be happy, I just slip a banknote inside.”

A 29-year-old woman from Järvenpää realised that the Children and Creativity commemorative coin would make the perfect gift for her aunt's husband on his 60th birthday. "My 60-year-old relative from Southern Ostrobothnia has an eye for detail, so he will surely be pleased with a cleverly designed coin. He is not familiar with commemorative coins yet, so I'm sure he will be pleasantly surprised by this different gift." In addition to the commemorative coin for his relative, the woman was happy to discover the My First Euros set, which she bought for her friend's baby. "Now that I bought the set for one baby, I will probably also have to give My First Euros sets to all future babies born to my friends.”
A retired lady from Turku was smitten with the beauty of proof-quality provincial coins displayed at a regional event in Finland Proper. She wanted to buy the coins as gifts for her grandchildren. ”These coins have such a lovely shine and will leave a lasting memory for the children.”
A 45-year-old lady from Espoo purchased the Armi Ratia commemorative coin for her mother, who is a Marimekko fan, and a pouch of special two-euro coins for her father, who is interested in them. ”It is nice to be able to give something a little less ordinary.”