Provincial coins

Demonstrate your love for your home region by ordering the coin of your province. In 2010, Mint of Finland began minting the beloved provincial coins by authorisation of the Ministry of Finance. The series has featured the historic trades and landmark buildings of Finland's provinces. Collector coins featuring provincial animals will be minted in 2014–2015.

The latest series of provincial coins, Animals of the Provinces, is dedicated to important Finnish animals. In the course of history, certain emblematic animals have been linked to each of Finland's provinces, and these provincial animals still attest to the love Finnish people bear for the big and small inhabitants of their native provinces' lakes, forests, islands and rivers.

Animals of the Provinces series

Savonia - Black-throated loon
Issuing date 27 May 2014 

Karelia - Cuckoo
Issuing date 27 May 2014


Issuing date 18 August 2014


Finland Proper
Will be issued in September 2014


Issuing date 20 April 2015


Issuing date 9 February 2015


Issuing date 30 March 2015

Issuing date 11 May 2015


Issuing date 8 June 2015

A purse full of Animals of the Provinces

Provincial Buildings series

Savonia - St. Olaf's Castle

Karelia - Imatra power plant

Åland - Sälskar lighthouse

Finland Proper - Turku Cathedral

Uusimaa - Uspenski Cathedral and Helsinki Cathedral

Satakunta - Sammallahdenmäki

Ostrobothnia - Ostrobothnian house

Lapland - The Lumberjack's Candle Bridge 

Tavastia - Church of St. Lawrence

Provincial buildings in a purse

Provincial Trades and Culture series

Issued 28.3.2011

Issued 19.8.2011

Issued in 1.12.2011

Finland Proper 
Issued 30.9.2010

Issued 20.6.2011

Issued 15.11.2010

Issued 3.10.2011

Issued in 2.11.2011

Issued 25.2.2011

Each provincial coin (9 pcs)

The provincial coins are available in the following options:

Proof-quality collector coin

Proof-quality collector coins are minted with a polished die, finished, and placed in a protective clear plastic casing set in a package that tells the coin's story. In its package, the coin will make a beautiful addition to your collection and keep from one generation to the next.


UNC-quality collector coins

UNC-quality collector coins are wrapped in certificates of authenticity that tell the coin's story. Only 500 five-euro provincial animal coins will be minted, and each coin will be wrapped in a numbered certificate of authenticity. UNC-quality coins are manufactured serially with stamping machines used in the production of circulation coins.

Coin purse

These purses made of recycled materials and emblazoned with the Mint of Finland logo contain 10 UNC-quality five-euro coins of a single province.