The Ministry of Finance and Bank of Finland agreed on reorganisation of the storage of euro coins in 2014. Under the agreement, commercial banks would no longer act as distributors of numismatic or collector coins and Mint of Finland would assume responsibility for the storage and distribution of numismatic coins.

The Bank of Finland does not supply numismatic coins to customers or sell coins for numismatic or similar purposes. Enquiries about numismatic products should be made to coin shops and dealers.

As part of this reorganisation of coin storage, Mint of Finland agreed with the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Finland that Mint of Finland would redeem Finnish euro commemorative coins from the beginning of 2014, since when the Bank of Finland has no longer done so following the discontinuation of cash services.

Repayment of the face value of commemorative coins

Redemption means that customers may, if they wish, send commemorative coins by mail at their own expense to Mint of Finland, which will repay the customer the face value of such coins. Face value refers to the value specified in the decree issued by the Ministry of Finance for each commemorative coin minted.

Under the redemption service, Mint of Finland will pay customers the face value of Finnish €5, €10, €20, €50 and €100 commemorative coins which the company’s quality control has proven to be genuine and which were made by Mint of Finland. 

This service differs from the customer’s right to return or exchange goods under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (38/1978 as amended), which gives customers the right to return or exchange goods within 14 days. Such right to return applies only to unused and saleable products in their original packaging. Such goods are credited against receipt of purchase.

Instructions for return of coins

To ensure problem-free return of coins, customers are requested to complete the repayment form on Mint of Finland’s website and to include it with the coin(s) to be returned. The form may be completed online and then printed out or alternatively the blank form may be printed out first. No payment will be made in respect of coins sent without a duly completed form.

Mint of Finland will send the customer confirmation by email on receipt of the customer’s consignment. Mint of Finland will credit the customer’s bank account with repayment of Finnish euro commemorative coins proven to be genuine and made by Mint of Finland. Repayment will be made within 30 days of receipt of the coin(s) returned.

Commemorative coins for redemption may only be sent by post to Mint of Finland. Mint of Finland is not liable for delivery costs of coins sent. Since Mint of Finland does not compensate for lost items, the customer is responsible for insuring coins sent. We recommend insuring deliveries as required by Posti when sending cash.

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Send commemorative coins to Mint of Finland at the address below:

Redemptions/Mint of Finland

PL 100

01741 Vantaa


Mint of Finland will redeem commemorative coins subject to the following conditions:

  • The commemorative coins are Finnish euro coins that are made and proven to be genuine by Mint of Finland.
  • The customer has enclosed the form, duly completed, which may be filled in and printed out here.

Mint of Finland will check to ensure the conditions have been met in each case. Should these conditions not be met, Mint of Finland will neither return the products nor credit the customer for them.

Mint of Finland accepts no responsibility for delivery costs or for any lost items. We recommend insuring deliveries.