Sports coins

The Finnish people love sports. After great victories, the whole nation celebrates as one and we share the burden of defeats. You can now demonstrate your love for sports by purchasing a collector coin. Authorised by the Ministry of Finance, Mint of Finland plans to release a total of nine collector coins paying tribute to different sports in 2015–2016. The series will celebrate the sports most loved by the Finns.

The Sports Coins series is dedicated to the sports Finnish people love. Each sport is heavy with shared memories, stories and atmosphere. Winners and losers, victories won and defeats suffered by a hair's breadth, and crushing routs. One hundredths of a second, centimetres, metres, periods and matches won and lost. Tears of joy and disappointment.

  A collector coin series celebrating the sports Finnish people love

Issuing date 6 July 2015

Issuing date 24 August 2015

Figure skating
Issuing date 21 September 2015

Issuing date 5 October 2015

  Ice Hockey
Issuing date 14 January 2016

Issuing date 15 February 2016


  Ski Jumping
Issuing date 1 March 2016
  Football Issuing date 2 June


Issuing date 6 July

A purse full of Sports coins
Issuing date 6 July



The Sports coins are available in the following options:

Proof-quality collector coin

Proof-quality collector coins are minted with a polished die, finished, and packaged in a new kind of cardboard packaging with a fresh look. In its package, the coin will make a beautiful addition to your collection and keep from one generation to the next.


UNC-quality collector coins

UNC-quality coins are manufactured serially with stamping machines used in the production of circulation coins.

Coin box

These coin boxes contain 10 UNC-quality five-euro coins of a single sport.