The €2 special coin 2012, "10 years of the Euro"

A decade flew by: 2012 the euro reached double figures. In celebration of the landmark anniversary, all of the countries in the Eurozone issued a joint special edition two-euro coin.

In total, some 90 million commemorative coins were issued by the Eurozone countries. The common design for the obverse side of the coin was voted for by the public from a shortlist of the five best designs selected by a preliminary jury.

All in all, almost 35,000 Eurozone citizens cast their votes in the competition held on the European Commission website. The winning design garnered 34 per cent of the votes.

The journey of the coins

The commemorative euro coin marks the growing significance of the euro in people's lives over the past ten years. The ship depicted on the coin represents the significance of the euro in commerce, and the factory represents the role that the euro has to play in industry.

The wind farms depicted on the commemorative two-euro coin remind the beholder of the euro's role in energy production. The winning entry was by the Austrian Helmut Andexlinger.

Nominal value2 €
MetalCuNi25, CuZn20Ni5/Ni/CuZn20Ni5
Diameter25,75 mm
Weight8,5 g
Year stamp2012
Mintage25 000
DesignerHelmut Andexlinger
Issue date19.12.2011

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