Olympic coin

The Helsinki Olympic Games coin was designed by architect Matti Visanti and sculptor Aarre Aaltonen.

Mint of Finland's production of collector coins was initiated with the Olympic Coin. The first Helsinki Olympic Games coin in the world was minted in commemoration of the Helsinki Olympic Games in 1951.

1952 was the year of the 13th Summer Olympic Games. They were the first and, to date, the only Olympic Games hosted by Finland. They were also one of the most mediatised events ever organised in Finland.

Helsinki had been originally selected to host the 1940 Summer Olympics, which were cancelled due to the Winter War. After the war, Helsinki was eventually chosen as the host city of the 1952 Summer Olympics. The opening ceremony was held on July 19th, and the Olympic Flame was lit by Paavo Nurmi.

The Olympics poster, initially intended for the 1940 Olympic Games, was designed by advertising artist Ilmari Sysimetsä. Sysimetsä won the poster design competition in 1938. When the decision on the 1952 games was made, the dates and the map on the poster were modified accordingly.

A total of 4,925 athletes participated in the games, including 518 women. A total of 69 nations participated in these games, and 43 of them won medals in 149 events. The United States was the most successful participating country. The Soviet Union, which participated in the Olympics for the first time, ranked second in terms of medals. The host nation, Finland, ranked eighth at the medal table with 22 medals, 6 of which were gold medals.

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Nominal value500 mk
Year stamp1951
DesignerMatti Visanti, Aarre Aaltonen
Issue date1.1.1951
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