Proof coin set 2017

Our Proof coinage includes all metal circulation coins of Finland’s centenary, polished to a proof finish. The Proof coinage is part of the Finland 100 programme celebrating the centenary of Finland's independence and coordinated by the Prime Minister’s Office. 

Two commemorative two-euro coins were released in 2017: Independent Finland 100 Years (mintage 2.5 million) and Finnish Nature (mintage 0.5 million). The Independent Finland 100 Years special coin features a mosaic forming the cartographic image of Finland and is designed by Simon Örnberg. 

The Finnish Nature two euro special coin depicts the full moon over the lighthouse island of Harmaja, with a crow gazing down at the world from its perch. These images symbolise the modern Finnish character – the common crow is an intelligent bird that reacts flexibly to new situations. 

The special coin received its design from the winning photograph in the Blue and White special category of the Nature Photograph of the Year competition. The winning photograph was shot by Kari Auvinen.

Nominal value1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, 1€, 2 €, 2 x 2 € commemorative coins
Year stamp2017
Mintage1000 set
Issue date06.11.2017

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