Coinages standing order 2017

You can now place a standing order for Mint of Finland's coinages. Delivery fees will only be charged for the first delivery of each standing order – the rest are delivered free of charge. Standing orders are only available for domestic deliveries (in Finland). 

 A Coinage standing order will include the following coinage:
  • Coinage BU1 2017 "Fish of the Baltic Sea"
This coinage will be delivered to you with your first standing order delivery. As a standing order customer, you will only be charged postage for the first delivery. In addition, your Coinages standing order will include all coinages released after you placed your order. The following coinages will be covered by standing orders placed in 2017:
  • Proof coinage
  • BU2 coinage  
All coinages released later and included in your standing order will automatically be delivered to you, cash on delivery, upon their release. We will charge the normal delivery charge of EUR 7 for unclaimed, resent deliveries.

Issue date16.1.2017

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