Sámi Culture commemorative coin € 10, proof

The Sami Culture commemorative coin highlights the close relationship that the Sami people enjoy with nature. The silver Sami Culture commemorative coin will be released on Sami National Day, 6 February 2018. By decree of the Ministry of Finance, Mint of Finland will mint two versions of the coin, with nominal values of EUR 10 and EUR 20.

The Sámi Culture commemorative coin pays tribute to the Sámi people's special relationship with nature. The traditional Sami territory, Sápmi, is spread over the territories of four states. There are approximately 10,000 Sami people living in Finland. 

The reverse of the commemorative coin reminds us of the power of the sun in regulating the Sami year. The Sami are children of the sun – the moment when the first rays of the sun break through after the long polar night is still emotional to them. 

Sami fishing culture is vibrant, and the obverse of the commemorative coin depicts a traditional form of fishing, juomustus, or net fishing beneath the ice. The triangles featured on the commemorative coin are a common shape and motif in the Sami community, symbolising, for example, the traditional Sami village, siida. The commemorative coin is designed by Inka Kangasniemi, a member of the Inari Sami people.

The commemorative coin has been granted the Key Flag Label of the Association for Finnish Work.

The commemorative coins are individually packaged in plastic casings set in a birch veneer frame crafted by Finnish carpenter Wooden Oy. The frame is surrounded by a ribbon and the package contains a certificate of authenticity telling the story behind the collector coin.

Delivery and returns

Postage is EUR 7 for domestic orders and EUR 20 to other EU Member States, regardless of how many products are ordered. Commemorative coins have the 14-day right of exchange and return provided for in the Finnish Consumer Protection Act. 

Our customer service at info(at)mint.fi will be happy to answer any questions regarding the operations of Mint of Finland.

Nominal value10 €
MetalAg 500
Diameter28.5 mm
Weight10,0 g
Year stamp2018
Mintage8 000
DesignerInka Kangasniemi
Issue date06.02.2018

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