Finnish work collector coin € 10, proof

Order the Finnish work collector coin for your collection, as a keepsake, or as a gift.

The Finnish work collector coin is a fantastic addition to your own collection or a great gift to anyone working with or appreciating Finnish work. 

The maximum mintage of the proof-quality EUR 10 silver Finnish work collector coin is 10,000, and 100 coins will be numbered. The number is stamped on the coin's reverse, and the numbered coins will be mixed into the mintage at random.

Proof-quality Finnish work collector coins are minted with a polished die, finished, and placed in a protective clear plastic casing set in a gift box that tells the coin's story.

Finnish work

Finnish work has value and meaning. It stems from inspiration, competence, persistence and cooperation. The blue-and-white fingerprint is part of our shared past, present and future. It is the foundation of all growth and has earned respect around the world. Every Finn leaves their unique fingerprint on Finnish work. That is why it is easy to promote Finnish work – individually and as a nation.

Designed by Sauli Suomela and minted by Mint of Finland, the Finnish Work collector coin is itself a testament to Finnish expertise and a true and accurate reflection of the Finnish character.

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Nominal value10 €
MetalAg 500
Diameter28.5 mm
Weight10,0 g
Year stamp2016
Mintage10 000 (100 numbered)
DesignerSauli Suomela
Issue date01.09.2016

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