Finland's Independence 6 December 1917 commemorative coin € 20, proof

Finland's Independence 6 December 1917 commemorative coins were sold out by Mint of Finland on 13 November, the first day of advance sales. Please enquire about the collector coins from Mint of Finland's retailers.

A commemorative coin was released in honour of Finland's 100th Independence Day, 6 December 2017. The obverse of the coin features an extract of Finland's declaration of independence in Finnish and Swedish. The reverse of the collector coin depicts the Art Nouveau building known as the Heimola Building, which used to stand at the end of Kluuvikatu (Yliopistokatu 5) in Helsinki. 

The Heimola Building housed Finland’s Parliament in 1911–1931. On 6 December 1917, the Finnish Parliament convened in the Heimola Building to approve Finland's declaration of independence. 

The collector coin is a part of the Finland 100 programme celebrating the centennial of Finland's independence. In honour of the centennial, the mintage of the Finland's Independence 6 December 1917 collector coin will be 2017 pieces.

This collector coin is not included in Mint of Finland's standing order programme for silver coins.

The silver coins manufactured in Mint of Finland’s Vantaa factory bear the Key Flag Symbol of Finnish Origin issued by the Association for Finnish Work. 

The collector coin is packaged in a protective transparent case set in a birch veneer frame made by a Finnish carpenter. The frame is surrounded by a ribbon, and the package contains a certificate of authenticity telling the coin's story.

The coin is designed by architect and designer Ilkka Suppanen.


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Nominal value20 €
MetalAg 925
Diameter38.6 mm
Weight25.5 g
Year stamp2017
DesignerIlkka Suppanen
Issue date27.11.2017

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