Topelius 200 Years commemorative coin € 20, proof

Order the Topelius 200 Years collector coin as a memento, for a gift or to add to your collection. By decree of the Ministry of Finance, Mint of Finland will release €10 and €20 collector coins to mark the bi-centenary on 14 January 2018 of the birth Zacharias Topelius, a Finnish novelist and influential figure in society.  

Zacharias Topelius (14 January 1818-12 March 1898) is still remembered today as a master storyteller and as a lyricist of best-loved Christmas carols. Topelius was not only a distinguished novelist and poet, but also a journalist, historian and rector of the University of Helsinki. 

Topelius wrote insightful interpretations of social phenomena and structures, as seen for example in Välskärin kertomuksia (Tales of a Barber-Surgeon), one of his best-known novels. The reverse of the collector coin features an image of Topelius and the sparrows in his tales. The obverse of the coin is a reference to Topelius’s Koivu ja tähti (The Birch and the Star) fairytale.

The silver coins manufactured in Mint of Finland’s Vantaa factory bear the Key Flag Symbol of Finnish Origin issued by the Association for Finnish Work. 

The commemorative coins are individually packaged in plastic casings set in a birch veneer frame crafted by Finnish carpenter Wooden Oy. The frame is surrounded by a ribbon and the package contains a certificate of authenticity telling the story behind the collector coin.



62,20 € /

Nominal value20 €
MetalAg 925
Diameter38.6 mm
Weight25.5 g
Year stamp2018
Mintage4 000 (100 numbered)
DesignerErja Tielinen
Issue date12.01.2018

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