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The collector coin's obverse depicts the starry sky of Ainola and a copse of pine trees, among which Sibelius was often seen lost in thought. The reverse bears the neck of a violin, the composer's favoured instrument. 

Sibelius left a permanent mark on our hearts

The collector coin struck in honour of the 150th anniversary year of Jean Sibelius (1865–1957) commemorates the master composer's remarkable oeuvre and influence on the Finnish national character and Finnish classical music. The Sibelius collector coin touches every Finn and represents a piece of Finnishness to people of other nationalities.

Sibelius' compositions are powerful depictions of the birth, soul and vitality of the Finnish identity. The music of Sibelius has spoken to the Finnish people since its composition and has transmitted Finnish national sentiments abroad as well.

Internationally, Sibelius is Finland's most successful composer. He has been and still is a strong influence on many composers in Finland and abroad. 

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Nominal value10 x 10 €
MetalAg 500
Diameter28.5 mm
Weight10,0 g
Year stamp2015
Mintage10 000 (50 numbered)
DesignerNora Tapper
Issue date30.1.2015

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