Sports Coins – Athletics, proof

Collector coins preserve their lustre best in proof quality. Order Athletics, the coin belonging to the Sports Coins series, for your collection, as a memento or to give as a gift. The proof-quality coin is packaged in a new kind of cardboard packaging with a fresh look.

This coin minted to celebrate Athletics is most beautiful in proof quality. Proof-quality collector coins are minted with a polished die, finished, and placed in a protective clear plastic casing set in a new kind of cardboard package. The coin will best withstand the test of time and remain as a memento in your collection in its original package.

The obverse of this coin with a nominal value of five euros depicts a javelin thrower and an arm slinging a discus. The collector coin's reverse depicts the curve of an athletics stadium, complete with tracks and cheering crowds. All coins in the series will share the same reverse. The coin is designed by Nora Tapper.

This beautiful collector coin is part of the Sports Coins series, which Mint of Finland released by decree of the Ministry of Finance in 2015–2016. A total of nine coins paying tribute to different sports was released in the series, of which Gymnastics, Basketball, Figure Skating and Volleyball were launched in 2015. Collector coins paying tribute to ice hockey, skiing, ski jumping, football and athletics were released in 2016.

Nominal value5 €
MetalCuAl6Ni2, CuNi25
Diameter27,25 mm
Weight9,8 g
Year stamp2016
Mintage10 000 (proof), 50 000 (unc)
DesignerNora Tapper
Issue date6.7.2016

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